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Who We Are

Kim’s Horse and Kid Connection is a 501c3 nonprofit located on a working horse ranch in beautiful Martinez.  We have been at Franklin Canyon Stables since 2005.  It is a well rounded facility offering trails, several arenas and plenty of opportunities to allow children to flourish.

We strive to provide a safe, enjoyable environment where kids learn responsibility and grow self-confidence working with horses.  Kim’s Horse and Kid Connection aims to mentor, motivate and educate underprivileged youth.  With Kim’s love and knowledge of horses, she and her staff of instructors are able to bring horses, children and teens together to be part of very positive, hardworking and loving environment.

We want every child to have a chance to reach their fullest potential, regardless of their circumstances.  Youth in our program refine the social skills needed to successfully interact with peers while working together around the barn.  They also gain self-esteem and responsibility as they learn to bathe, groom, saddle, lead, lunge, and feed horses.  Eventually they will gain the advanced techniques and leadership skills needed to mentor other young riders.

Kim’s Horse and Kid Connection provides a place that is safe and nurturing for at risk youth, while teaching them the values of hard work and responsibility.

To learn more about Kim’s Horse Training, look at our show schedule or view our horses you can visit our other website.

What Does This Mean?

Our kids learn about horses literally from the ground up and bit by bit.  They learn how to take care of a horse and be safe on the ground before they gain the basic skills of getting on a horse.  From there, they increase their riding skills and learn more advanced horsemanship skills.  Our program uses the joy of working around horses to build confidence and give children the necessary tools to help with some of life’s toughest situations.


Our Programs

We try our best to tailor our programs to the needs of each individual. Below are our current program offerings.

– Riding Lessons
– Vaulting
– Horsemanship
– Clinics (varies)